Irine Røsnes is a UK – based violinist, academic, improvisor and advocate for new music and innovative ways of thinking and making art. Alongside her membership in DriftEnsemble, OHHe Supercluster, Mixed Currents and Frame Ensemble, Irine is a dedicated educator, organiser and an activist for social equality. Through her collaboration with Yorkshire Sound Women Network, she has been involved with educating and inspiring young women to explore music and sound technologies. Currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Huddersfield, through her artistic research project “Theatre of Transformations” Irine investigates the performative aspects of the repertoire for violin and electronics. Dedicated to establishing long-term collaborations and developing new works across different genres, Irine has presented numerous premieres across Europe and North America. She has appeared as soloist, chamber and orchestral musician at festivals such as Huddersfield Contemporary, Borealis, Gaudeamus, Icycle Creek, Chicago New Music, and Wonderfeel. Educated in Bergen, Düsseldorf, Utrecht and Chicago, she consider Elisabeth Perry, Ilya Kaler and Irvine Arditti her most influential teachers. Irine expansive range of repertoire extends from the music of early Baroque Era, to some of the most innovative works of the 21 Century so far. Irine’s recent performances include works for violin and electronics by Bernard Parmegiani, Luigi Nono, Pierre Boulez, Natasha Barrett, Pablo Galaz, Agostino DiScipio, Malin Bång, Simon Emmerson and Kaja Bjørntvedt.