Theatre of Transformations

Since 2017 I am conducting an artistic research project at Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM), University of Huddersfield. 

Theatre of Transformations is a research project that investigates the performative aspects of the repertoire for violin and electronics, through an in-depth empirical, auto-ethnographic and analytical study of selected key works. It examines different types of interactions between the performer, the acoustic instrument and the electronics, and especially problematizes the polarisation of the physicality of the acoustic sound and the disembodied sound of the electronics through musical/ physical gesture, position of the setup and acoustic qualities of the performance space. It further aims to understand how different types of electronic sound processing affect the technical decisions of the violinist and her artistic interpretation of the material. Specifically, it investigates how sound production, quality and projection, as well as articulation, intonation, vibrato, phrasing and methods for synchronisation are largely dependant on a type of electronic sound processing. Theatre of Transformations is a performance-based research that through practice and reflection attempts to understand how human and machine can co-exist in a creative space. How do they influence and interchange each other? How do the disembodied sounds of the electronics inform and transform the sound of the violin and the creative process? On a larger scale, Theatre of transformations explores through artistic means the contemporary need for a meaningful relation between physicality and virtuality.